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Agios Onoufrios

Saint Onoufrios Church
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The church of Saint Onuphrius is located in the central market of Heraklion and is completely unknown as it is trapped by various shops of the streets 1866, Tsikritzi and Evans. Today one can see its dome from the market of 1866 street or the roofs of the adjacent buildings, while access to the interior of the church is only possible through Toulis bakery.

Today the church is private. Compared with most forgotten temples of Candia (Venetian Heraklion), the church of Saint Onoufrios is in relatively good condition although the dome has suffered pronounced cracks. Its interior is divided into two sections, vertically and horizontally, by concrete wall and beams. However with some appropriate interventions it could become operational again, after of course being purchased by the state.

The church was first mentioned in a document of 1583 and is a basilica with a dome. During the Ottoman occupation of the island it probably hosted a Turkish hammam. After the departure of the Ottomans it became a private property and operated as a storehouse.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Type: Church

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