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Best Cliff Diving spots in Crete
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Free dive from cliffs, known as Cliff Diving, is one of the most popular extreme sports internationally. Indeed, Crete plays a leading role as it hosts the Agios Nikolaos Cliff Diving international event, when the best international cliff divers jump from the diving platform installed above the Lake of Agios Nikolaos (only athletes are allowed to jump from there).

Apart from the athletes, many visitors of Crete are seeking for beaches, where they can combine swimming with some dives from the rocks. Here, here are the most famous beaches for rock dives.


In the northern part of Matala Beach, on the side of the carved caves of the ancient Roman cemetery, there are many places where you can jump safely from a height of 2 to 10 meters.


Seitan Limania

Many of those who choose to visit the beautiful Stephanou beach for swimming, jump from the side walls of the gorge that actually enters the sea. Care must be taken because the rocks are fairly sharp, and in 2018 a person died from a rock fall.



The characteristic rock at the eastern end of Sougia beach, called Katsounotos Volakas, is a core attraction for many children who want to dive from there (height 4m).



In Vai, in addition to swimming in front of the beautiful palm grove, one can jump from the rocks next to the observatory, to the south of the beach.



Paliokastro beach, located very close to Heraklion, is the best choice for cliff diving throughout central Crete, because it's easily accessed from the city and the rock of the old fortress Paliokastro has many natural stairs, ranging from 1m to 15m high.


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