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Air Sports

The island of Icarus and Daedalus is home to several companies and clubs that organize contests or offer lessons and equipment for air sports.

Crete is full of steep slopes, ideal for mountain sports associated with the wind, such as paragliding or paramotor. The area of Avdou by Hersonissos is one of the most popular paragliding spots.

All major airports of Crete house certified air-sport clubs that provide seminars and small aircrafts to rent. There are also many clubs for aircraft modeling that organize astonishing demonstrations.

For extreme athletes, there are various skydiving schools with experienced instructors. The schools operate at some airports of the island, such as Timbaki.

Paragliding is a form of unpowered flight in which rising air is needed to keep the glider aloft. This rising air can come from two sources: when the sun heats features on the ground, columns of rising air known as thermals are generated when wind encounters a ridge in the landscape, the air is forced upwards, providing ridge lift. In mountainous environments, flying is mostly based around thermals, which can be used to stay aloft before...

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