Cretan Beaches with

Palm Trees


Beaches with palm trees

Crete is not in Africa, but has many similarities with it. One of the most typical feature of this similarity is the local flora. In Crete, you can find several places with Phoenix theophrastii, the indigenous species of the Cretan date palm. Along the coastline of Crete, you can find some beaches, where palm trees give the impression of being on an African coast.

Vai and Preveli are the two largest and the most famous palm tree forests in Crete, however there are some palm trees in Itanos, Martsalo, Agios Nikitas, Souda and Aspri Limni.

  • This is the most extended palm grove in Europe, the famous beach of Vai!
  • Formed near an amazing beach next to the exit of Megalos River.
  • This small cluster of palm trees is located next to the settlement of Agios Pavlos
  • Formed in a small stream ending on the amazing beach of Souda
  • The protected reserve is the westernmost palm tree cluster of Crete, on the way to Elafonissi beach
  • Stalida beach is home to the only remaining natural cluster of palm trees in the area of Hersonissos
  • Not too far from Vai, it is not wonder that Itanos beach is home to several date palms
  • This is actually the second small grove of palm trees in Asterousia Range

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