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Crete's three natural parks and geoparks showcase a large area of diverse, natural scenery ready to explore by foot, boat or car.

Spend time in Crete's national parks and you'll begin to understand the soul of this place. Our national parks are treasured and preserve our natural heritage, forests, wildlife and landscapes, close to - if not exactly, as it was before people arrived here. There are more protected areas such the Natura and Junicoast regions.

Lefka Ori National Park
The National Reserve of Lefka Ori (Samaria) constitutes one of the oldest National Reserves in Greece and was declared a Park in 1962. Its core is the gorge of Samaria, although it also includes the Mount Desert of Lefka Ori and Sfakia shoreline. The main purpose of its protection was to keep the local environment intact, as it hosts many endemic species of fauna and flora. Since 1981m it has been listed in the Global Reserve Network of Biosphere.

Psiloritis Natural Park
Psiloritis Natural Park consists of the Ida Range, the highest mount of Crete, and the northern coastal zone of central Crete. Within the territory of the Geopark added in 2001 in the list of UNESCO geoparks, the whole nappe pile of Crete, and the majority of the rock types of the island are presented in excellent outcrops and sections. Big faults with excellent and imposing fault surfaces, fossil sites, caves, impressive gorges and plateaus hosting many endemic species of the island, unique...

Sitia Geopark
Sitia Global Geopark, added in 2015 in UNESCO Geoparks, is located on the easternmost edge of Crete. It has abundant mammal fossils of the Pleistocene epoch (dating back from 2.6 million years to 11.700 years ago). The Geopark seat is located in Zakros, where an information centre operates and a guesthouse is located in village Karidi that can...

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