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Oxo Latsidi


Oxo Latsidi Cave
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At position Patelia, about 1 km NW of Sitanos and on the road to Katsidoni (from Sitanos) we meet the large cave of Oxo Latsidi, formed in Jurassic limestone. It's name comes after the word latsida, used in Crete for sinkholes. 

It was originally accessible for 50m. It was later studied by Paul Faure and mapped by Eleftherios Platakis and Ioannis Tsifetakis, who found a long tunnel, 360m long. After the entrance we meet a room (34m x 16m) and a chamber on the right (32m). On the left, for 330m extends the tunnel with a width of 2-8 m and a height from 0.5m-1.5m. Recent surveys give the cave a longer length exceeding 2.500 m, as it is a complex system of underground rivers. Generally the decoration is poor, compared to the rest caves of the Sitia Geopark.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture
  • Type: Horizontal Cave
  • Water: Water all year round
  • Length (m): 330
  • Accessibility: Walking

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