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Kato Peristeras Cave
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Cave Kato Peristeras is located east of the village Karydi at position Kato Platyvolo (altitude 560m). Ti takes about 5 minutes to walk from the car parking point to the relatively distinct path.

It is basically a cave with large impressive entrance with high gradient. The entrance is not easily visible because it is flat. It forms a sizable descending room quite well lighted at its entire depth. The fallen parts of the roof have covered the floor, while the feces of pigeons make descent very slippery.

Deep in the main, between boulders, an aisle leads to small galleries. This part of the cave is adorned with stone decoration. The total explored length of the route is 170m. Here traces of Neolithic habitation and human bones are embedded to the stalagmite material .

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture
  • Type: Sinkhole
  • Length (m): 170
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