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The best beaches to party in Crete

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Crete is arguably one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world, and also has built a name as being a thriving party island! There are two categories of tourists in Crete, those looking for peaceful, tranquil days lazing by the island’s many gorgeous beaches and exploring the myriad historic sites and cities of the island, and of course, those who start looking for the rave even before they have fully disembarked from the plane! Both types of tourist are catered to in Crete and the island takes great pride in providing for the needs of all visitors.

If you are looking to party hard, go dancing and drinking the night away, then you definitely need to visit Malia. The popular beachfront strip in Malia has garnered a reputation for all-night, non-stop nightclub action. A reminder, this area is fairly heavily policed after some instances of unruly behavior by tourists that had too much to drink and made poor decisions as a result, but it is still the go-to destination for young people looking to party till they pass out, as the popular saying goes! Hersonissos and Agia Marina fill the first three ranks in top party beaches in Crete. 

Heraklion, meanwhile, is another must-visit destination for all; offering traditional Cretan music and dancing, vibrant and lively jazz as well as tourist-oriented nightclubs and pubs. Sample Crete's fabulous cuisine and explore the sights of the old city which is bursting with superb carvings, bas reliefs and examples of unique and elegant Greek architecture.

No matter what it is that you hope to gain from your holiday Crete can provide you with what you need! From wild, on-the-edge parties to sumptuous and traditional Greek meals, getting to know and appreciate the local customs and culture, and on to unique Greek music and dance performances sure to inspire admiration in the audience, Crete has everything you need for a holiday destination and so much more! All simply waiting for you to check out and explore.

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