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The eastern part of Crete hides some of the nicest surprises. The exotic beaches of the islands Chrissi and Lefki can be explored by taking a sea trip on excursion boats from Ierapetra and Makrigialos. The protected palm forest at Vai and Itanos strongly reminds of an African landscape, while the secluded beaches of Karoumes and Xerokambos are a must-see for nature lovers. The dry rocky landscape changes dramatically a few miles to the west, on the serene strands formed below the slopes of Thripti range. The capital of Lassithi, Agios Nikolaos, hosts the lovely beaches of Gargadoros, Istron and Ammoudara.

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Armos beaches

The north part of Spinalonga Peninsula called Armos (just opposite the islet Kalydon with the fort of Spinalonga) is a special place with abandoned farms, mostly unknown due to the fact that there are no roads heading here. Apart from the well known beach of Kolokytha, at the southeast base of the peninsula, there are several unknown beaches at the north part of the peninsula. It is surely worth visiting them by canoe from Plaka.


Charkomatas beach

If you head west of Papadiokambos settlement, especially on windless days (very rare!), it is worth leaving your car off the road, cross the wire fence and walk 2 minutes to the exit of the gorge starting close to Liopetro area and ending at the beautiful beach of Charkomatas, at position Roussa Limni. You’ll get impressed by the amazing formations of the gorge, shaped by laminated sheets of limestone.


Agios Andreas beaches

Approximately 300m to the east, you'll find several small bays with round pebbles, which are secluded. Kolimbakia or Loutres coves, as they are called by locals, are ideal for snorkeling and fishing, as the rocky bottom is home to plenty of fish. After the coves you will meet the beach in front of a local hotel, Stomio beach, which is well organized with umbrellas, showers, beach-volley court, canoes, sailing, windsurfing and diving facilities.


Kokinos Kavos beach

If you walk along the steep shores north of Maridati till Vai palmgrove, you will meet several small coves, totally secluded accessed only by boat or on foot (it takes 2:30 hours to reach Vai).The first beach you meet is called Kokkinos Kavos (Red Cape), named after the reddish soils of the area. The seabed is sandy and pebbly in places.


Agios Dionysios beaches

The easternmost beach you come across a dirt road starting from Agios Antonios and heading 1km to the east, to Cape Kenti and close to the wind turbines of Aforesmenos Cape, is called Avlaki. Adjacent to Avlaki, there is the pebbled beach of Xepapadia, which is the only beach around the Mirabello that has purely east orientation and is not usually wavy. Next to Xepapadia there is the scenic chapel of St. Dionysius.


Beaches of Psira

On the island there are several small beaches, the largest of which is located north of the site is sandy. Just below the ancient settlement (to the south) there is a small bay with two small beautiful pebble beaches. All beaches of Pseira are located on the south side of the island thus they are protected from ordinary north winds.


Atherina beach

Atherina beach is located about 70 km southeast of Agios Nikolaos and 34 km east of Ierapetra, shortly before we reach the seaside village of Goudouras. To approach it from the shore, from the main road walk along the narrow and deep dry stream, which drains the Vigla region.


Bonda beach (Grias Pidima)

Bonda beach (or Grias Pidima) is located 49km southeast of Agios Nikolaos and 14km east of Ierapetra, in the territory of the village Schinokapsala, between the seaside settlements of Agios Panteleimonas and Ahlia. Just below the main road connecting Ierapetra to Makrygialos, you will meet this small beach with rocks in places, totally secluded and ideal for isolation, compared to other beaches of the area. The is accessed through a small plateau near the main road.


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