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The eastern part of Crete hides some of the nicest surprises. The exotic beaches of the islands Chrissi and Lefki can be explored by taking a sea trip on excursion boats from Ierapetra and Makrigialos. The protected palm forest at Vai and Itanos strongly reminds of an African landscape, while the secluded beaches of Karoumes and Xerokambos are a must-see for nature lovers. The dry rocky landscape changes dramatically a few miles to the west, on the serene strands formed below the slopes of Thripti range. The capital of Lassithi, Agios Nikolaos, hosts the lovely beaches of Gargadoros, Istron and Ammoudara.

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Mavros Kolimbos beach

Mavros Kolimbos or Agios Panteleimon is located 51km southeast of Agios Nikolaos and 16km east of Ierapetra. It is a small settlement near the shore, that has faced a mild development during the last decades. There are some rooms to rent around and some small taverns.


Kalami beaches near Goudouras

The first beach you meet is called Kalami and is named after the reeds (kalami in greek) that are next to it. It is a nice pebbly beach, perfect for seclusion with a spring with fresh water on the beach! There are no tall trees on the beach, but there is a big cave offering natural shade to its visitors, all day round.


Tsifliki beach

Dreros beach is shaped inside a hotel at Tsifliki area, 13km north of Agios Nikolaos, near the road that connects Elounda to the picturesque village of Plaka. It is shaped in a region surrounded by many olive groves and has wonderful views of the lagoon of Korfos (mainly known as Elounda lagoon) and the former leper colony, the fort of Spinalonga.


Gournia beach

It is a small and secluded pebbly beach within a rocky bay. It is totally unorganized without any facilities. There is a nice cave in the sea, however the sea streams gather a lot of rubbish at the wider area. The next beach you'll meet is the beach with the abandoned camping site of Gournia. It is very secluded, but rubbish is very often due to the currents.


Katsikia beach

The last beach north of Agios Nikolaos, on the way to Elounda, is the beach of Katsikia (i.e. goats). The area is named after the many goat pens in the past. Similarly, Agios Nikolaos town was called Mantraki that means goat pen. Katsikia host a nice sandy beach with stones in a places, well hidden in front of the hotel Candia Park. To get there you should walk either across the hotel or around it.


Hiliaderfia beach at Koufonissi

In the southeastern part of the magic island is formed Chiliaderfia Bay with 4 beaches and 2-3 islets colored by the characteristic white color of the rocks of the area, which in ancient times gave the island its name Lefki (i.e. white). All beaches have shallow water, as clear as anywhere in Crete, and fine golden sand.


Tenda bays

Here are some sandy bays away from prying eyes, while generally the rocky bottom is maybe the richest in the island, attracting many fishermen from all over Crete. It generally very windy and you will almost always see windsurfers. The west bay is called Tenda and is open to west winds and wavy, while the east is called Eligas and sea surface is usually flat.


Limanaki beach (Europa)

Next to the port of Agios Nikolaos you’ll find the tiny pebble beach of Akti Themistokleous street, next to the sculpture of Nikos Koundouros named "The Rape of Europe".


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