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Vlychadia is located 31km north of Agios Nikolaos, on the north shores of the area of Mirabello. It is a small seaside settlement with a small fish tavern, where you can get after driving from Neapolis, through the villages Skinias and Agios Georgios. Around the settlement there are several small bays with secluded beaches, which are mainly rocky and pebbly. The beach in front of the village, known as Vlychadia, is quite rough and rocky, ideal for spear fishing. Especially when it is wavy, swimming could be dangerous.

The next beach you will find to the west end of the road is maybe the nicest beach in north Mirabelo. The beach is called Avlaki and is formed at the exit of the gorge Skinias or Mavrogiannis. It has white pebbles and crystal waters. Especially when the sea is calm (quite rare) swimming in Avlaki can be a tremendous experience.

The road stops in Avlaki, but not the beaches. Indeed some 800m west of Avlaki, you'll meet the pebbly and rocky beaches of Kakia Naspa and Kouroukoulos. They are totally secluded and can be accessed only on foot. Kouroukoulos beach is formed at the exit of the Gorges of Kouroukoulos and Patsopoulos (merging close to the beach). A very interesting fact of the area is a small olive grove that is planted in the middle of nowhere, as there is no access by car!

Vlychadia and Avlaki are two of the few beaches on the north side of Mirabello. They are completely unorganized and are a good choice for anyone that wants to take a bath, but certainly it is not worth driving up to here only for the beaches. However, you could combine a visit to the beautiful Mirabello with its picturesque villages, the old monasteries and the rare natural beauties with swimming in Vlychadia. 

At Vlychadia you will not find anything except a few farmhouses. Here once stood the Venetian monastery of St. Nicholas, which was destroyed and later rebuilt at the same position and celebrates on December 6.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture, East Crete, North Crete, Agios Nikolaos area (Mirabelo)
  • Sea water color: Blue
  • Sand type: Pebbles, Rocks in places
  • Depth: Deep
  • Sea surface: Usually very wavy
  • Crowds: Quiet
  • Facilities: Food / water nearby
  • Other Information: Nudism friendly, Ideal for snorkeling / spearfishing
  • Accessibility: Paved road, Walking
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