The windmills above Elounda


Vrouhas Windmills
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Windmills are a feature of eastern Crete (Lassithi) and particularly of the province of Merambelo, where rivers are absent. In Western Crete, where there are more springs and rivers, watermills were also developed. Another reason is that Lassithi is one of the most windy places in Greece. The mills were built into mountainsides and in places exposed to the wind.

One of the largest windmill clusters in Merambelo district is located at Vrouchas village and consists of nine mills. They all turned only in a certain wind, from northwest, and their type is called Axetrocharis. Axetrocharis has rectangular shape with a round side where the mill is installed. In Crete we meet another type, Xetroharis that is completely circular, turning to all winds.

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