Religious monuments of Crete


Saint John the Hermit and the 98 Holy Fathers settled at Selino province, setting the basis for an exceptional ascetic tradition. Today, the wider area of Selino and Kissamos forms an extended Byzantine Park with several frescoed temples.

Saint Kirikos Church at Lissos

Saint Kirikos or Kirkos is located at the archaeological site of Lissos, on the site of a former Early Christian Basilica and gives its name to the entire valley of Lissos. The vaulted church has Byzantine frescoes, unfortunately damaged.


Church of Saint George at Koustogerako

The small one-storey church of Saint George (Agios Georgios) in Koustogerakos, province Selino, is located in the cemetery of the village. The church rescues 15th-century frescoes by painter Georgios Provatopoulos, according to an inscription of 1488.


Saint Nicholas church at Moni

The church of Saint Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) is built in a rural area northeast of the village Moni, province Selino. Its oldest eastern section was built in the architectural type of a single-storey arched temple with blind arches on the side walls.


Saint Panteleimon Early Christian Basilica in Sougia

The present-day settlement of Sougia is built on the site of ancient Syia, which flourished mainly in the late Roman times. Underneath the surviving cemeterial temple of Saint Panteleimon there are the remains of a three-aisled basilica with a 20.80m x 12.40m narthex, which has been excavated by A. Orlandos.


Church of Saint Irene in Sougia

To the north of the Sougia settlement, the church of Saint Irene (Agia Irini) is preserved in the architectural type of the single-nave church with a dome, to which an arched-roof narthex was added in a second stage, which survives as a late reconstruction of its dome.


Panagia Church at Lissos

At the site of the ancient seaside town of Lissos, west of Sougia, there are the remains of two 6th-century triple-aisle wooden-roof basilicas with a slightly protruding transverse aisle, which were discovered in 1955 by archaeologist N. Padouvas.


Church of Saint Isidore in Kakodiki

The church of Saint Isidore (Agios Isidoros) is built on a small plateau atop a hill in the small settlement Tzinaliana in Kakodiki, province Selino. It belongs to the architectural type of the one-room arched-roofed temples. At the entrance we can see two parts of an ancient Doric architrave.


Panagia Church at Kadros

The Church of Panagia (Our Lady) Bitsiani or Pitsiani is located in the position Kaouriana of the small settlement Kadros in Kakodiki, province Selino, and is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (feast. September 8th).


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