Saint Eutychius church


Church of Saint Eutychius at Tsiskiana
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A few meters east of the neighborhood Tsiskiana of the village Epanochori, province Selino, we meet the Byzantine church of Saint Eutychius (celebr. August 24th). The temple is small, single-nave and vaulted and was built in a green ravine with huge plane trees. Among the frescoes of the 15th century that stand out there are scenes of sinners.

What is impressive is that the temple is dedicated to Saint Eutychius from Cilicia and this connection is said to be linked to the fact that Saint Eutychius himself passed from Selino province. There is characteristic legend; once Saint Eustatius passed through the village with his donkey and asked to be hosted overnight, but all of the locals denied. So he slept in the countryside, below an old plane tree, but during the same night an unprecedented storm occured. In the morning an old lady found him under the tree. Everything was wet around, except for the point where the saint was that was completely dry. Then he revealed his identity and asked to build a church in his name at the same position.


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