Religious monuments of Crete


Saint John the Hermit and the 98 Holy Fathers settled at Selino province, setting the basis for an exceptional ascetic tradition. Today, the wider area of Selino and Kissamos forms an extended Byzantine Park with several frescoed temples.

Saint Kiriaki Church at Labiriana

Very well hidden at a dense grove with oak trees and ancient olive trees is the cemetery church of Agia Kyriaki at Labiriana, Selino district. The very small settlement is just 2km away from Kandanos. Agia Kyriaki feast takes place on July 7, and is dated to 14th century or maybe later.


Church of Saint John at Asfendiles

Asfendiles of Selino province is a small mountainous hamlet, one of the remotest in Crete. It is the cemeterial temple of the village and is located between the two neighborhoods of Asfendiles. The white church is aisleless, like most temples in the province and quite simple (outside). Only its elevated bell tower protrudes.


Saint Catherine Church at Kandanos

One of the many old churches that adorn the village of Kandanos is St Catherine celebrating on November 25. It is a very old church. For years he was semi-ruined and without ceiling, therefore the frescoes got severely damaged. In recent years the Mayor of Kandanos restored the temple and its courtyard. The floor of the church is about one meter below the road level and this has resulted in serious problems with floods. Externally there is no plaster.


Saint Nicholas Church at Kandanos

The church of Agios Nikolaos in Kandanos (Selino province) is located in the center of the village. Its exterior reminds of a modern church, just like many Byzantine temples of Selino, but its interior bears traces of very old frescoes. The frescoes are hidden beneath the plastered walls, some parts of which have been revealed by the Archaeological Service.


Kalogerou at Selino

At Selino Province we meet the deserted (two centuries ago) settlement of Kalogerou. The settlement was decimated due to plague and soon totally forgotten. The area is wooded with perennial olive trees and is crossed by the stream that then comes into the gorge of Sassalos. The village, possibly built around a small monastery, still hosts the small chapel of St George that bears important, but damaged, frescoes.


Saint Dimitrios Church at Platanes

The cemetery church of St. Demetrius is located between the two neighborhoods of the almost deserted and uninhabited village Platanes, Selino Province, Chania prefecture. Platanes name means the place with many plane trees. The village is pinned at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, at one of the most arid and infertile regions of the whole prefecture of Chania.


Saint George church at Floria

The church of St. George at Floria bears frescoes of Ioannis Provatopoulou (date 1497). Among the paintings there is a representation of the donor of the church (right of entry), while outside the temple we see an embossed decoration.


Saint George church at Anidri

The cemeterial church of Saint George at Anidri is a double-aisled church that was originally single-aisled and a second (south) aisle of Saint Nicholas was added later. Inside there are preserved frescoes of Ioannis Pagomenos dating back from from 1323.


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