Religious monuments of Crete


Saint John the Hermit and the 98 Holy Fathers settled at Selino province, setting the basis for an exceptional ascetic tradition. Today, the wider area of Selino and Kissamos forms an extended Byzantine Park with several frescoed temples.

Monastery of the 98 Holy Fathers, Azogyres

The Monastery of the 98 Holy Fathers is located in a lush green area near the village Azogyres, Selino province. It was built in 1864 by Konstantinos Kriaris at the site where, according to tradition, the 99 Holy Fathers lived, led by Saint John the Hermit, one of the best known Saints of Crete, who is considered the founder of asceticism on the island.


Church of Saint Eutychius at Tsiskiana

A few meters east of the neighborhood Tsiskiana of the village Epanochori, province Selino, we meet the Byzantine church of Saint Eutychius (celebr. August 24th). The temple is small, single-nave and vaulted and was built in a green ravine with huge plane trees. Among the frescoes of the 15th century that stand out there are scenes of sinners.


Church of Saint George at Sklavopoula

The church of St. George at Sklavopoula bears frescoes of two phases. The oldest (sanctuary and a part of the north wall) dates back from 1290, while the second phase (the rest of the north wall and west wall) dates back from the 14th century.


Church of Ascension at Paleochora

Analipsis is built in a prominent position above the current settlement of Paleochora with spectacular views of the surrounding area. The point of this temple is very important because it is located just behind the sanctuary of the church there is spring with fresh water.


Saint John Church at Trahiniakos

It is a small, single-aisled chapel with humble performance, but its inside is very rich with frescoes covering all its walls. The eyes of the Saints are missing by the Turks, but also byn the Christians that thought that these were therapeutic for illnesses. The walls were frescoed in 1328-1329, although the temple is older.


Agia Paraskevi Church at Trahiniakos

The Church of Agia Paraskevi in the settlement Trachiniakos near Kandanos is one of the three frescoed temples of the small settlement, which highlights its great religious tradition. The other two temples are Saint John and Prophet Elias.


Church of Michael Archangel at Kavalariana

The church of Archangel Michael is very simple exterior as almost all the churches of West Crete. However, inside the church the scenery changes dramatically by the rich frescoes covering every wall of the temple. The frescoes of the church are work of the most famous painter of the Venetian Era in West Crete, Ioannis Pagomenos


Prophet Elijah Church at Trahiniakos

The temple of Prophet Elias in Trachinakos near Kandanos is located in the small cemetery of the settlement. Like in most of the Byzantine churches of Selino province, the external austere appearance comes in contrast with the rich interior with frescoes dating back to the 14th century.


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