Beaches of Chrissi



Emerald Eden

Renowned for its azure blue sea water
Chrissi is an almost never-ending paradise.

Golden beach (Belegrina)
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The thousands of visitors arriving daily with the boat from Ierapetra to Chrissi island mainly swim on the beach of Belerinina or Golden Beach. Bright blue water, white sand with pink shades from the thousands of broken shells, the junipers that hold the sand with their huge roots is the backdrop that makes anyone fall in love with this place.

The island can be accessed from Ierapetra by ferry and the trip lasts about 50 minutes. The boats stop at the south side of the island and to get to Belegrina you have to cross the juniper wood to the north side of the island for about 10 minutes. Collecting shells, sand and anything else on the island is strictly forbidden, and great care is needed not to break branches from the protected junipers. The beach is initially rocky and then turns sandy.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture


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