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Emerald Eden

Renowned for its azure blue sea water
Chrissi is an almost never-ending paradise.

Hadzivolakas beach
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The longest beach on the island of Chrissi is Hadzivolakas, which extends west of the central beach of Belerinna. The beach has mainly rocky seabed and is ideal for isolation as most of the island's visitors are limited to Belegrina.

Along the coast we meet small and large dunes, while at two points large volcanic rocks rise out of the sand. What makes the place unique is, however, the hundreds of junipers that take whatever forms one can imagine.

In the middle of the beach there is an impressive rock, called Hadzi's Volakas (= Khazde's Rock), from which the area takes its name. According to the tradition, the Khazdes, who were being transferred to the Israel to be baptized, departed from here. The place name appears to be linked to the ascetic tradition of the island, as Gaidouronisi hosted hermits mainly during the Middle Ages.

Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture
  • Accessibility: Boat
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