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The province of Mirabello hosted small monasteries with the greatest density than any other region of Crete. It is characteristic that in the small area of Upper (Ano) Mirabello, i.e. the mountainous area north of Neapolis, over 20 small monasteries were developed.

Unlike other areas of Crete, where asceticism was developed in caves, here we meet mostly small monasteries where 2-3 monks lived together. Indeed, many current settlements in Ano Mirabello were originally developed around monasteries. Almost all monasteries today do not operate, but their churches have survived.

Early Christian Basilica of Elounda

The Early Christian Basilica of Olous (built around 4-5th century AD) is located at position Poros and was excavated in 1937 and 1960. This is a brilliant sample of religious architecture of its time and it is considered to have been the cathedral of the ancient town Olous, which is today submerged in the lagoon of Elounda.


Saint Constantine church at Parakalouri

Parakalouri, now known as Saint Constantine, is a small village of the province of Mirabello. Apart from the small lake formed in winter, the place is known for the church of Saint Constantine and Saint Helen which bears frescoes dating back from the Venetian Era.


Panagia Vrefotrofos Temple at Agios Nikolaos

The church of the Virgin ‘Panagia Vrefotrofos’ (the protector of infants) is located in the center of the city of Agios Nikolaos, near the sea. It's construction dates back from the 12th century and it bears frescoes of the 14th century.


Panagia Perampeliotissa in Perambela

The monastery of Panagia Perampeliotissa dedicated to the birth of Virgin Mary, is located north of the village Kourounesand south of Nofalias, quite close to Neapolis.


Saint John monastery at Frathias

At the abandoned settlement of Frathias, near the monastery of Xera Xyla, there is the church of Saint John, which for once was the temple of a small monastery. The church is single-nave, arched and at the entrance there is the date 1590 indicated.


Panagia Kerapolitissa monastery at Fourni

The monastery of Panagia Kyrapolitissa, Kerapolitissa or Kardiotissa is located very close to the villages Kastelli and Fourni, about 7km north of Neapolis. Currently, only the church operates, like in the nearby old nunnery of Kalogrades.


Saint Paraskevi monastery at Fourni

The monastery of St Paraskevi is located outside the village Fourni and has now abandoned. Next to the small single-nave church there are few remains of the buildings of the monastery which was founded before 1615.


Saint Anthony monastery at Syrmeso

The church of Saint Anthony is a single- vaulted temple with a simple semicircular arch. Around the church and in all directions you will see the abandoned monastic complex.


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