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The province of Mirabello hosted small monasteries with the greatest density than any other region of Crete. It is characteristic that in the small area of Upper (Ano) Mirabello, i.e. the mountainous area north of Neapolis, over 20 small monasteries were developed.

Unlike other areas of Crete, where asceticism was developed in caves, here we meet mostly small monasteries where 2-3 monks lived together. Indeed, many current settlements in Ano Mirabello were originally developed around monasteries. Almost all monasteries today do not operate, but their churches have survived.

Saint Anthony Sfougaras at Selles

The monastery of Saint Anthony Sfougaras is located at the village Selles and its temple was built in a cave by the sea. Next to the cave temple there are other caves with built walls that probably were used as monk cells. The paved garden hosts a water tank.


Saint John monastery at Skouras

The deserted monastery of St. John the Baptist (celebr. August 29) is located at position Skouras above Elounda lagoon. The temple is a renovated single-aisled, arched basilica next to the ruins of the monk cells, a water tank and a two-storey 19th century building with a stable on the ground floor.


Fraro Monastery at Neapolis

Monastery of Fraro or St. Anthony' in Simeti is located 1km west of Neapolis. It is a ruined Franciscan convent dedicated to San Antonio. The name comes from the Latin word Frari, as the meaning Franciscan friars were called.


Lord Christ church in Neapolis

The large cemeterial church of Neapolis is a double-aisled church dedicated to Christ the Savior and All Saints. The church bears frescoes of the 14th century in relatively good condition. The existence of tanks suggests that the site was used as a small monastery.


Saint Barbara monastery at Syrmeso

The church of Santa Barbara is a single-vaulted church with. There are ruins of the medieval buildings around the monastery. The best preserved building is the elongated two-storey building in the west. It is preserved in good condition with a vaulted ground floor, while the floor is semi ruined.


Saint Anthony Monastery in Karydi

The Monastery of St. Anthony is located at an altitude of 536m, north of the village Karydi near Neapolis, on a steep rocky slope. The small monastery today is uninhabited and a program of restoration of its ruined buildings has started.


Lord Christ Monastery at Nispitas

The Monastery of the Transfiguration of Christ in Nispitas area, is located 4km southwest of Neapolis. The monastery was deserted during the Turkish Occupation of Crete and only the church has survived until today. Around the chapel there are some ruins of the old monastery complex.


Panagia Keragoniotissa monastery at Latsida

The church of Panagia Keragoniotissa or Melissenou or Goniotissa is one of the most remarkable monuments of the region of Mirabello on a site with many oak trees. The church, dedicated to the Assumption (celebr. August 15), dates from the 14th century.


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