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The province of Mirabello hosted small monasteries with the greatest density than any other region of Crete. It is characteristic that in the small area of Upper (Ano) Mirabello, i.e. the mountainous area north of Neapolis, over 20 small monasteries were developed.

Unlike other areas of Crete, where asceticism was developed in caves, here we meet mostly small monasteries where 2-3 monks lived together. Indeed, many current settlements in Ano Mirabello were originally developed around monasteries. Almost all monasteries today do not operate, but their churches have survived.

Saint Onoufrios monastery at Voulismeni

The church of St. Onoufrios is located on a hill near village Voulismeni and operated as a temple of a monastery in the 13th century. The church is single-nave vaulted temple that bears 13th-century frescoes with scenes from the Gospel (Resurrection of Lazarus, Entry into Jerusalem and Washbasin, several Saints etc).


Church of Saint George Tragopiastis

On the side of the national road connecting Agios Nikolaos to Pahia Ammos, above the wetland Almyros, we meet a small chapel with panoramic sea views, called Saint George Tragopiastis. While it gives the impression of a new church, it dates back from the Venetian Era and its interior was adorned by frescoes, covered by plaster.


Saint George Monastery in Vrachasi

The monastery of Agios Georgios in Vrachasi is located 1km southwest of the village Vrachasi, near Neapolis. The monastery has actively participated in the revolutionary movements against the Turks, during which it suffered tremendous damages.


Panagia Vigliotissa church at Voulismeni

The church has been fully restored and the surrounding area has been transformed into a beautiful small park with a statue dedicated to Mother.


The monastery of Saints Constantine and Helen in Dories

The very old monastery of Saints Constantine and Helen is built at the entrance of the village Dories near Neapolis, at an altitude of 480m. The monastery is no longer inhabited, but the church is used by the parish of the village.


Panagia Korasani monastery

At position Megalo Korasi, north of the Dories village, we meet the small renovated church of Panagia Korasani, which previously served as a small monastery. The chapel was dedicated to Virgin Mary (celebrated November 21).


Saint John monastery at Ontades

Near the abandoned settlement of Frathias and at the position of Ontades or Exo Frathias, we meet a church that is dedicated to St John. The numerous buildings around it suggest that it was once a monastery. The present church was built in the 1990s on the site of the ruined church and was dedicated to St. John.


Monastery of Kalogrades at Fourni

The monastery of Kalogrades (Nuns) is located at the position Chonos near Fourni village, very close to the monastery of Kerapolitissa. It operated as a nunnery during the Venetian period, but it is now deserted and only the renovated temple celebretes on August 6, as it is dedicated to the Lord Christ.


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