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The province of Mirabello hosted small monasteries with the greatest density than any other region of Crete. It is characteristic that in the small area of Upper (Ano) Mirabello, i.e. the mountainous area north of Neapolis, over 20 small monasteries were developed.

Unlike other areas of Crete, where asceticism was developed in caves, here we meet mostly small monasteries where 2-3 monks lived together. Indeed, many current settlements in Ano Mirabello were originally developed around monasteries. Almost all monasteries today do not operate, but their churches have survived.

Panagia Koubelina Church at Houmeriakos

The church of Panagia Koubelina is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary (Panagia) and is a very important Byzantine monument. It is the only surviving sample of cruciform domed church in East Crete.


Church of Lord Christ at Dories

The cemeterial church of Lord Christ the Savor (celebr. August 6) at Dories was probably the temple of a monastery of the Venetian Era. The church is a single-aisled, vaulted temple built of stones of varying sizes. Next to it we see two stone buildings (monk cells?) and a tank.


Church of Kato Saint George at Kroustas

The Kato (lower) St. George was founded in 13th century and is adjacent to another newer church of St. George. It is a small single-nave, barrel-vaulted church, with buttresses at the southern wall and its entrance on the west. The openings are adorned with stone reliefs of the time of the Venetian rule.


Church of Jesus Christ our Savior in Kritsa

During the Venetian occupation, the double-aisled temple of Jesus Christ our Savior in Kritsa gave the name Christos to the neighborhood around, which was then considered a separate settlement, and operated as its cemetery. Here, the father of the legendary woman Kritsotopoula was a priest.


Church of Saint John the Baptist in Kritsa

The single-nave church of Saint John the Baptist (Agios Ioannis) is located in the cemetery of Kritsa. Its interior was frescoed in 1359-1360 at the expense of Ioannis Skordilis and its pictorial program is retained fragmentary. We distinguish scenes from the Evangelical cycle, the life of Christ, and ten scenes from the life of John the Baptist.


Church of Saint John the Theologian at Lakki (Kroustas)

The church of Saint John the Theologian (Agios Ioannis Theologos) is located in the ruined settlement of Lakki, in the periphery of the village Kroustas. The temple was built on a pre-existing building, and nearby are traces of buildings from the Lakkos settlement, two threshing floors and a cistern.


Church of Agios Georgios Kavousotis in Kritsa

The single-nave church of Saint George (Agios Georgios) Kavousiotis is located south of the village of Kritsa at position Kavoussi. Externally it retains an arcosolium, that is, an arched grave of the Venetian Era.


Church of Archangel Michael in Lakonia

Just outside the village of Lakonia near Agios Nikolaos we meet the small single-nave arched temple dedicated to Archangel Michael. The church interior retains excellent murals from 1431 and 1432.


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