Turkish Towers


Meronas Koules
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After the Great Cretan Revolution of 1866, the Turks built more than 100 defensive towers to control the Christian population. The towers, called koules, were built by the Turks at the most strategic places to control the passages between the different regions of Crete. One of these was the Koule of Meronas, at the village Meronas in province Amari. The place has panoramic views to the valleys of Amari and Potami. The Koule survives in bad condition next to the church of Prophet Elijah (Profitis Ilias) and can be accessed by car through dirt track.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Rethymnon Prefecture
  • Type: Fortress / Tower
  • Peak Period: Ottoman Era (1669 - 1898)
  • Accessibility: Dirt track
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