The Monastery of

Koufi Petra


Koufi Petra Monastery near Neapolis
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The monastery of the Virgin Mary «of the hollow stone» (Greek: Panagia Koufis Petras) is dedicated to the Annunciation. It is located west of Kremasta Monastery and at a short distance from Neapolis.

The view from the nunnery in the province of Mirabello is panoramic. Very close to the monastery, there are the ruins of a small temple that was built in a cavernous rock. Probably the name of the monastery (Hollow Stone) is taken after this cavernous temple.

The monastery has comfortable facilities and is nicely equiped. The old church has been added a second built a new aisle dedicated to St. John the Baptist. In the courtyard of the monastery, there is the tomb of Bishop Meletius Chlapoutakis and next to it there is the grave of his sister Irene.


  • 1430 (probably): Founding of the monastery, probably formed by a single chapel.
  • 1630: The Blessed Virgin of the Hollow Stone had been referred to in a contract of Aretiou Monastery.
  • 1640: The monastery is abandoned for some centuries
  • 1866: The nun Irine Chlapoutaki, the sister of the Bishop of Petra, Meletios Chlapoutakis, re-founded the monastery on the ruins of the old one.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture
  • Type: Monastery
  • Peak Period: Venetian Era (1204 AD - 1669 AD)
  • Accessibility: Paved road
  • Phone: +30 28410 33013

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