Religious monuments of Crete


Church of the Holy Cross in Strovles
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In the upper neighborhood of the village Strovles, in the province of Selino, we meet built the church of the Holy Cross (Timios Stavros), which was used as a cemetery in the past. The church dates back to about 1440 and belongs to the architectural type of the arched-roofed single-storey temple, to which a heavy bell tower has been added in a second phase.

The interior is reinforced by and arch (sfendonio) and the walls are painted with medium-sized frescoes dating from the mid-15th century. The founders of the church were brothers Michalis, George and Stavros Stenos who came to Strovles from Constantinople. The same brothers also built the frescoed churches of Saint George at Kalogeri and Michael Archangelos at Kamiliana.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Chania Prefecture
  • Type: Church
  • Peak Period: Venetian Era (1204 AD - 1669 AD)

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