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Vlatos plane tree
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Throughout Crete, there are many trees that are monumental because of their impressive shape, dimensions or age which are protected by the state. One of them is the plane tree in the neighbourhood Micheliana in the village of Vlatos, province Kissamos. The picturesque village of Vlatos consists of many small neighborhoods in the upper part of the Tiflos River valley, before it enters the wild Topolia Gorge.

The plane tree in Vlatos has been declared a monumental tree since 1978 and is protected from any interference. Around the plane tree, there is an ancient olive grove with many centuries-old olive trees with eternal trunks. Next to the plane tree that offers its shade, there is a small old tavern, and just below the tree we meet a source of water, which is the reason for the several plane trees in the area.

The trunk width of the plane tree in Vlatos is really huge, but not the largest in Crete. It is impressive to see the shape of the trunk, that is inclined on one side, so that one thinks it will fall to the ground. The age of the tree is estimated at 1400-1500 years. A visit to the plane tree in the village of Vlatos can be combined with the very picturesque village of Milia, that has turned to a hotel.

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