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Vreiko Cave
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The cave of Vreiko or Latsida is one of the most famous caves in province Sitia and located about 2km north-east of the village Pefki in the wider are of Makrygialos. The cave can be accessed very easily through a clear path and proper marking. Hiking takes just 5 minutes from the nearest parking lot. The cave belongs to the category of sinkholes, as it grows on three levels with a great variety in its internal formation. It is locade very close to the second known cave in the area, Apoloustres.

Its entrance is steep (there is a steep descent of 7m), but nevertheless it is easily accessible with a ladder that has been installed by the locals authorities from Pefki. Inside the cave there is also a human intervention in the northern part that facilitates the visitors, with a handrail placed in the most downhill points. This large room has dimensions of 60m length and width of 15m, while the ceiling height in some places reaches 12m. The rich decoration of this room breaks the room into parts, creating the impression of many small rooms.

The south room is also large, reaching 1500 sq.m. with a lower roof height. This room has more moisture than the previous one and much richer decoration while the indications on the walls show that some parts of it were flooded in earlier times. At this point, small concentrations of horseshoe bats are identified, a species threatened and protected by a number of international and Greek projects. Below the south hall and with easy access via a narrow downhill corridor, a third room of smaller dimensions, 31m long and 7.5m wide, is being formed. And this room is quite damp, but with less decoration.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture
  • Type: Horizontal Cave

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