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Apoloustres Cave
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This is one of two caves located at Pefkos village, by Makrigialos (the other is Vreiko). The cave hosts beautiful decoration and is easily accessed by a passable dirt road that starts from the village Pefki and heads northwards.  A well shaped trail leads to the entrance of the cave that starts from the parking area. The caveyard is fenced and in order to enter the cave, there is a metal ladder.

The main hall of the cave (right of the entrance) is accessed via a downhill 12m long corridor. The room covers about one acre and its floor is covered with stones and large boulders that have fallen from the roof. The total depth of the cave is 17m. Left of the runway and behind a stalagmite series a smaller room is formed, covering 100sqm. The floor is also covered with large boulders.

The cave has quite rich decoration, the northern part of which is quite active. The cave gathered large quantities of water, which is evidenced in the north walls.. The archaeologists have revealed pottery of the Archaic period and bones of wildgoats embedded in stalagmite.

Caution should be paid while visiting the cave, as the walls and the roof are unstable. In 1930 visitors found copper coins depicting a man’s face and the name Marcus Aurelius was stamped around the face on each coin. Both caves, Vreiko and Apoloustres were used as coverts by the locals when they were in danger due to piracies and invasions, and many people were saved.

It is not difficult to visit this cave as cars can go about 250 metres before the caves entrance on the west side and almost on a daily basis, during summer months people visit the cave.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture
  • Type: Horizontal Cave
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