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Kamares Wood
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Just below the famous Kamares cave, above the village Kamares we meet the sizable wood of Kamares. The forest covers the region on the south side of Mavri peak and reaches up to an altitude of 1600-1700 meters. Its area reaches almost till the position Koutsounares, where the Voriza canyon starts and continues to the village Vorizia.

The wood consists mainly of oak, holly and maple trees. It is not particularly dense, but it hosts large trees that are centuries-old. The forest is crossed by the E4 European hiking trail that heads from Nida to Kamares cave. The most beautiful time to visit a forest is in late autumn and early winter when the deciduous maples get beautiful shades of brown, yellow to orange and purple colors. The colorful maples come in contrast to the green oaks.

On days when the dense fog covers the wood the eerie and mysterious atmosphere reminds of a tale with fairies and elves. Wondering in the grove can be combined with a visit to Kamares cave, climbing on top of Mavri peak or a visit to the mitata (primitive stone-built creameries) at Koutsounares which are among the most beautiful in the whole region of Psiloritis (Ida) Range.

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  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
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