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Tafkos pothole
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Tafkos is located at Petradolakia area at an altitude of 1,440 meters, approximately 13 km south of Anogia. It belongs to potholes and its explored depth is 475 meters and the total length is 383 meters. It is considered the second deepest cave at Psiloritis and when it was firstly discovered (1989) it was the deepest cave in Greece.

The "hall of the deer," the largest room in the cave with 300 meters length at -23m deep, we meet rich decoration. It was named like this because the explorers found here deer bones, a species that disappeared thousands of years ago.

Deeper we see a large flow of water and a pond is formed. It is considered that the waters of the cave communicate with the waters of "Tafkoura" and "Diplotafki" caves and conclude at north coasts of Crete.

The cave was always known to residents for its water quantities. In 2002, the municipality of Anogia, with the help of cavers, explored and mapped the cave, while installing a drill for pumping water.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Rethymnon Prefecture
  • Type: Sinkhole
  • Length (m): 383
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