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Plateau Alikadam
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Alikadam or Alikadamis is one of the most unknown and beautiful plateaus of mountainous Crete. It is located at an altitude of 1530 meters between the peaks of Halazokefala and Koudouni, at the southeast part of the range of Psiloritis. Next to Alikadam we meet, at a slightly higher altitude, the plateau Mesa Lakos. Around the plateaus, the wild hillsides are adorned with beautiful black stones, a typical scenery for the entire region of Eastern Psiloritis which are more intense at the nearby Mavri Korifi (Black Peak). These rocks are strongly reminiscent of lava.

Alikadam is crossed by one of the ancient trails from Messara to Ideon Antron, the sacred cave of Jupiter. The surrounding area of Alikadam has many pottery sherds scattered. The same place was later used by the shepherds of Psiloritis. This trail passes from Vorizia, ascends to Trahili, climbs steeply up to the forest of Grammatikos, and from there it reached Alikiadam plateau. From there it runs to Mesa Lakos, touches the feet of Chalazokefala peak, and then descends to the plateau of Nida, where the cave is located.

The trees are absent making the scenery even more eerie and mysterious. In winter the whole area is covered by snow that exceeds one meter in height. The lack of roads has kept this wild beauty known only to lovers of trekking. The most important feature of the plateau Alikadam is the four ancient wells filled with water. They are made of stone and have water throughout the year, being a source of life for the highland cattle.

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Additional Info

  • Accessibility: Walking
  • Altitude (m): 1530

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