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Pefkias Wood at Vorizia
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The pine grove of Pefkias is the most dense wood in Psiloritis Mount (denser than the forest of Rouvas) and apart from the great pines that dominate the area, you will also meet cypress and oak trees. In Pefkias, you will meet many bee hives as it is one of the most important areas in the prefecture of Heraklion for apiaries after the forests of the province of Viannos. At that point, where the canyon meets the forest, you will also come across a dirt road which runs from the village of Vorizia. A few meters away you will also see a huge rock that characterizes the area called 'Skourakas', i.e. the Dark Rock.

Pefkias is the starting point of the gorge Farangouli (one out three overall) that finishes in the village. The small and mostly unknown gorge Farangouli (tiny gorge) has no relation to the famous Vorizano gorge, a little further west. Ascent is through a steep but walkable bed. It has beautiful limestone rocks. It is initially dry, but as we climb to the top the trees become more and the landscape reminds gorges in Sfakia. After about 40 minutes the canyon ends and the landscape changes dramatically till it meets Pefkias wood at an altitude of 900m.

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  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
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