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Katakalou Windmills
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Within walking distance from the ruined village Argiro Nero, between the villages Zenia and Exo Potami we meet the small cluster of windmills of Katakalou. The mills are located in the same residential complex of Katakalou among vineyards and orchards. Above the settlement and mills rises the imperious eastern side of Selena Mount while below there is the ravine of Skoulikaris River. Two of the mills are perfectly preserved even today. The mills face to the west (are of the type of Xetroharis), because the winds usually blast from there.

The mills operated after the destruction of the larger mill park of Zaroma, west of Mesa Potami, by the Turks in 1867, during the Battle of Lasithi Plateau.

The mills are of the architectural type axetrocharis, as they don't rotate and always face the same direction.

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