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Kakodiki Bridge
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The bridge of Kakodiki collapsed on January 2018

Kakodiki of Selino district near Paleochora, Chania Prefecture is one beautiful village with two reasons to pride of. The first is that is has the most springs in Crete, as there are more than 100 ones around, while its 30 neighbors are the most in Greece. They are all built on both sides of a valley formed aside Kakodikianos river, flowing all year round. Communication was always quite tough as people had to cross primitive rope bridges.

In 1903, the independent Cretan State built a single arched bridge called Kamara. It was 10m wide and it was very inclined, almost perpendicular in some place! Its east extension was broken by a flood in 1983 and the bridge collapsed in January 2018. The place can be accessed by a dirt road that stops here. It was very tough to locate the bridge due to the lush vegetation.

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