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Halasma beaches at Koufonissi
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At the southeastern tip of the island Koufonissi, between the beach of Hiliaderfia and the narrowest part of Trahilas Cape (called Diakofti), we meet the location called Halasma. There are 4-5 consecutive small bays and 2-3 islets colored by the characteristic white color of the rocks of the area, which in ancient times gave the island its name Lefki (i.e. white).

All beaches have shallow water, as clear as anywhere in Crete, and fine golden sand. In late summer the sand dunes that extend over the beaches are filled with countless white lilies that make the landscape look like a white carpet.

Several years ago, Halasma and Hiliaderfia hosted the yacht of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed, while the British Navy had blocked access to incomers, thus the princely pair remained in complete isolation in their paradise.

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