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Alogara Cave
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At the most remote part of the east Crete there is the cave Alogaras. The name is taken after the word Logari (treasure). It is located next to the village Tso, today called Agia Triada. The cave is located on the road to the deserted beach Livari and 400 feet above it, where there are remains of the ancient harbor of Ziros. Identifying the entrance of the cave is very easy from afar because the grand opening, closed by a stone wall is visible from far away.

Outside this wall there are two windows and a door built in the 17th century, probably making the cave a residence and later a stable. The interior of the cave is impressive and has a spacious hall from which three tunnels start. There is a second opening higher which was the floor of the residence. Archaeologist Paul Faure identified sherds of the Middle Minoan period and there are many stories about other findings such as ancient pottery and the figurine of a deity, which demonstrate the ritual use of the cave during the ancient times.

Outside the cave there is a spacious courtyard from where the view to the sea and the beach is unique. Just below the cave and across the hillside there are ancient terraces of stony ground.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Lassithi Prefecture
  • Type: Horizontal Cave

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