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Cretan history is highly related to its fertile plateaus
that fed generations of rebels.
The entire prefecture of Lassithi took
its name after the homonym plateau.

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Crete is full of mountain ranges, amongst which fertile plains and plateaus are formed. The largest plateau of Crete, the peaceful Lassithi Plateau is hidden between the wild peaks of Dikti Mountains and some smaller plateaus. The Omalos Plateau, in White Mountains, is in the heart of the most mountainous area of Crete. Omalos is the starting point for several canyons of Sfakia, such as Samaria. Psiloritis Mountain also has several plateaus, with Nida being the most important. The largest plain in Crete is that of Messara, located in the southern prefecture of Heraklion. Smaller plains are scattered throughout the island, especially in coastal areas.

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Vromonero plateau

The Plateau of Vromonero or Lakkos Limas is located at an altitude of 1300m, 10km west of the village Kroussonas, in an amazing location east of the summit Skinakas of Psiloritis Mt, where the homonym observatory of the University of Crete is located. It can be accessed via a dirt track running through the gorge of Halasia, which starts from Livadi plateau and ends in Krousonas.


Manikas Plateau

The plateau Manikas is located at the province of Sfakia, at an altitude of 720 meters. Today, the settlement Manikas, after which it gets its name, has been abandoned and is only used by shepherds. The plateau hosts the beautiful stone-built church dedicated to St Emmanuel (celebr. August 21).


Lapathos Plateau

The Plateau of Lapathos is located about 77km southeast of Heraklion and 36km west of Ierapetra, near Kato Symi village. It is a small but beautiful plateau, which is worth mentioning in our website. The background of the plateau is the wild beauty of the Lasithi mountains and the slopes of Selakano. The vegetation in the Plateau is not dense and there are many rocky places.


Niatos Plateau

In Niatos the beauty is indescribable, as the views to the peak Kastri (2215m) of the White Mountains causes awe. If you ever drive to Sfakia via Askifou, do not forget to visit the two plateaus, as they are totally unknown and are awesome.


Livadi Plateau at Kroussonas

The Livadi (Lawn) Plateau of Kroussonas is located 9km west of the village Kroussonas and 35km southwest of Heraklion, on the eastern slopes of Psiloritis. It is a beautiful place to visit, especially in spring when the 300.000 pear and apple trees are blooming. The quiet green plateau with the background of the bare peaks of Psiloritis is a unique landscape.


Krapi Plateau

At the north side of the White Mountains, at the borders of provinces Apokoronas and Sfakia there is the small plateau of Krapi. Just above Krapi starts the natural passage called Katre Lagos that links north coast to Askyfoy plateau and Sfakia area.


Plateau of Armenohandrades

Plateau of Armenohandrades is located 23km south of Sitia and is a part of Crete that remains completely unknown, intact and authentic. It takes its name after the two settlements of Armeni and Handras, which today form a single settlement.


Evdomos Plateau at Gonies

The plateau of Evdomos is located 3km southeast of the village Gonies, at an altitude of 780m. The plateau is actually divided into two smaller plateaus, the Kato Lakos and Ano Lakos plateaus. Nowadays Evdomos plateau is mainly used for stockbreeding. The name Evdomos is believed to come from the Greek word Evosmos, that means sweet-smelling as it used to be full of flowers in spring time.


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