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Tourkou Lakos Lake
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South of the village Achendrias in the wild Asterousia Range there is the lake of Tourkou Lakos or Kolimbas. It is the unique natural lake of Asterousia Range, therefore being one of the most important wetlands in the area. The lake gathers water in winter and keeps it till late spring, depending on the rainfalls.

Its name means the lake of the Turk, taken after a legend according to which a Turk was drowned here by the locals.

In order to reach the lake you should follow the dirt track from Achendrias to the position Stiromandra. From Stiromandra follow the short path which is part of the old trail from Ahendrias to Agios Nikitas monastery. Just a few minutes later and after passing the narrow passage of Stenos Poros with the amazing rock formations, reminding of frescoes, we reach Tourkou Lakos.

The view from Stenos Poros is panoramic, with the mirroring brownish colored surface of the lake reflecting the surrounding bare slopes. From the lake the trail leads to Kefalovrisi spring and then to the palm grove of Agios Nikitas, above the monastery of Agios Nikitas.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Water: Water till spring

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