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Sfakias Cave
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The seafront of central Asteroussia Range, from Tsoutsouras to Tripiti in southern Heraklion prefecture, hides the most (geologically) exciting and interesting scenery of all Crete. Although not promoted by any commercial website or other source, this is the most interesting geological place in Crete, along with the mountainous desert of Sfakia. Wild cliffs that hide countless caves and rock shelters, slopes cut abruptly by technical deep gorges (all inaccessible without ropes and canyoning equipment). At the point where the steep cliffs meet the sea water, the scenery changes with amazing beaches. This part of Crete hosts over 20 beaches that remain unknown, while in fact they are the best available in the island. Away from the touristically developed north coast and the saturated with tar and tourists Balos and Lafonissi, the true nature of Crete holds here an unadulterated soul.

Apart from the incredible beaches with unique crystal clear waters there is a series of numerous sea caves into which one can dive and explore a different underground world of unique beauty. At no point of Crete can someone meet so many large sea caves. Even today they have not been fully recorded and new sea caves are discovered in the area.

One of the very beautiful caves that characterize this region is the cave near the exit of the wild gorge of Sfakias. The marine cave of Sfakias is not simply a sea cave but a system of holes and rooms. It has 6-7 different entrances and a few meters inside the cave, all the corridors are merged to a common cave. Swimming inside the cave is a great experience because the geological formations and colors are unique. The oxidation and the lack of light in the interior have given the rocks amazing colors.

Text - Photos Christopher Chiladakis

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Accessibility: Boat

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