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Argo II

Argo II Mission
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On the road that connects Maridaki to the monastery of Agios Nikitas, in Asterousia Range, locals have erected a really interesting monument. This is there to remind of an event that took place at that point during the Second World War, showing the bravery of local fighters against a powerful enemy. The location selected for the monument was above a cliff above the monastery of Agios Nikitas, overlooking the deep blue Libyan sea and having the steep slopes of Asterousia with the palm grove of Agios Nikitas in the back.

The stone monument bears a marble plaque with the story and the names of its protagonists. On September 17, 1941 a group of Greek fighters left Maridaki with a small fishing boat called 'Argo II' to Egypt, where the seat of the Greek government was moved. The purpose of the journey of these modern Argonauts was to inform the government about the establishment of the Cretan National Resistance Committee and the dangers the militants, hiding in Asterousia Range, after the end of the Battle of Crete, faced. The long journey of this small fishermen's boat had a happy ending, as they arrived in Egypt.

The result was to start submarine missions, in coordination with the rebels, and the evacuation of the fighters to Egypt from the adjacent Cape Kerkelos. The area of the southern coast of Asterousia, with the rough terrain and the numerous caves and gorges, was an ideal hiding place for the fighters during the war and was very important for supply missions with goods and food.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Accessibility: Dirt track

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