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The Historical Museum of Crete offers an overall picture of the history and culture of Crete from the early Christian times to the 20th century, while seasonal exhibitions include subjects of Byzantine or modern art, important personalities of Greece and presentation of historical events. Chania city is home to the Historical Archive of Crete with more than 170 archival collections and the second largest Nautical Museum in Greece, which aims to preserve the great maritime tradition of Crete. The Byzantine Museums of Heraklion, Chania and Rethymnon are also very special venues dedicated mainly to ecclesiastical art.

The war collections and archives intend to commemorate the resistance and struggle of the Cretans against the various occupiers of Crete. The most important of these are the War Museum of Rethymnon at Chromonastiri, the Historical Museum of Vorizia, the Museums of National Resistance at Therisso and Heraklion, the Historical Museum of Keramia, the Museum of Skalidis at Pervolia, the War Museum at Askyfou and the Military Collection of Argyrakis at Episkopi. Additionally, the German Tunnels at Platanias and Makasi Gate at Heraklion Walls are important historical sites.

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Badouvas National Resistance Museum

The museum is open since 1967 and was established by the Association of National Resistance Fighters – Badouvas Groups. It is housed in today’s Heraklion army recruitment office, the land of which belonged to the rebel of National Resistance, Captain Manolis Badouvas.


German Tunnels, Platanias

A living museum of historical memory that is worth seeing by any visitor of Crete that records the suffering of the Greek people during the German Occupation, is the galleries of Platanias. The shelter was built below the church of Agios Dimitrios at Pano Platanias by the requisitioned locals, for the Germans.


Anagnostis Skalidis Museum

One of the places of martyrdom is Pervolia of Nine Villages by Kissamos, from where came the chieftain of Kissamos Anagnostis Skalidis, who was rightly named Karaiskakis of Crete (Karaiskakis is one of the most famous heroes of Greece that fought against the Turks).


Eleftherios Venizelos House at Mournies

Mournies is the birthplace of Eleftherios Venizelos, the most important politician of modern Greece, and you can visit the house that he was born, which today serves as a museum.


Eleftherios Venizelos House at Halepa

Eleftherios Venizelos lived in his paternal house, in Chalepa (Chania), for more than thirty years, from 1880 to 1910, and occasionally, from 1927 to 1935. He was particularly attached to this house. It is the house where he spent his youth, he got married and had his two children, and where his wife died.


Classical Vehicles Exhibition at Lakonia

At village Exo Lakonia since 2005 operates an excellent exhibition with over 110 classic vehicles of special interest from all over Crete. The Pancretan Association of Classical Vehicles also houses a permanent exhibition of old photographs with cars and motorcycles from the wider region of Agios Nikolaos.


Potamianos Wax Museum

The museum is one of two wax museums that exist in Greece and is an idea of the sculptor Dionysis Potamianos. It is located at Zoniana, at the northern foothills of Psiloritis Mount.


Shipyard Moro, Museum of Ancient and Traditional Shipbuilding

When in Chania not forget to visit the docks of the Venetian harbor (Museum of Ancient and Traditional Shipbuilding) the representation of the Minoan ship "Minoa" of 16th-15th century BC that was launched in December 2003 and in 2004 made its maiden trip from Chania to Piraeus


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