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The Historical Museum of Crete offers an overall picture of the history and culture of Crete from the early Christian times to the 20th century, while seasonal exhibitions include subjects of Byzantine or modern art, important personalities of Greece and presentation of historical events. Chania city is home to the Historical Archive of Crete with more than 170 archival collections and the second largest Nautical Museum in Greece, which aims to preserve the great maritime tradition of Crete. The Byzantine Museums of Heraklion, Chania and Rethymnon are also very special venues dedicated mainly to ecclesiastical art.

The war collections and archives intend to commemorate the resistance and struggle of the Cretans against the various occupiers of Crete. The most important of these are the War Museum of Rethymnon at Chromonastiri, the Historical Museum of Vorizia, the Museums of National Resistance at Therisso and Heraklion, the Historical Museum of Keramia, the Museum of Skalidis at Pervolia, the War Museum at Askyfou and the Military Collection of Argyrakis at Episkopi. Additionally, the German Tunnels at Platanias and Makasi Gate at Heraklion Walls are important historical sites.

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Monument and Museum of German Attrocities in Viannos

The position of Meliana by village Amiras hosts one of the many memorials of the German atrocities experienced by the Cretans during the Second World War and a small museum next to it. This commemorated one of the most violent massacres of German Occupation in Greece, the holocaust of Viannos district.


Museum - Headquarters in Therisso

The historic village of Therisso was a seat of the Cretan rebels in 1905, under Eleftherios Venizelos, the most important Politician of Modern Greece. The headquarters of the Movement of 1905 house a relevant museum.


Historical Museum of Vorizia

The Historical Museum of Vorizia "Spilios" is located at the village Vorizia of Heraklion prefecture and hosted in a cave (spilios) above the village. The cave, until the foundation of the museum, was used for cheese production. The museum was inaugurated on August 16, 2014.


Argirakis War Museum at Episkopi

Argirakis War and Ethnological Museum houses a very important war collection of its founder, Michael Argyrakis, and is housed at Episkopi village.


Askyfou War Museum

The private museum belongs to Georgios Hatzidakis who met the suffering of the German Occupation.After the war he started with a passion to collect every vestige of the battle to succeed as characteristically telling himself to keep alive the glorious memory of our ancestors and to stimulate younger to deal with their history.


Rethymnon War Museum

The collection of the Military Museum of Rethymnon at village Chromonastiri includes military uniforms, weapons of different eras in Greek history, medals, historical relics since 1821 and later, an exhibition dedicated to the Macedonian Struggle, library and meeting rooms.


Keramia War Collection

At an altitude of 450 m, 14 km south of the city of Chania, there is the settlement of Ahlades, a small hamlet of a very few residents. At this hamlet, in a plateau with nice view, and in a small tavern, the private military collection of Kostas Mavrigiannakis is housed.


Therisso National Resistance Museum

The Museum of National Resistance of 1941-1945 is located at the entrance of the village Therisso. The opening of the museum took place in May 2003 and remains open every day thanks to the voluntary offer of a lady.


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