The Minoan settlement of


Tripiti Minoan settlement
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On the rocky hill Papouri, located northeast of the beach of Tripiti, high above the tavern, we meet the remains of a Minoan settlement. The first excavations were made in 1986-88 by archeologist Antonis Vasilakis. A vaulted tomb of 2800-2000BC was also been found 200m on the south.

The settlement is located on a hill at an altitude of 135m and was fortified by wall, apart from two points, which were used as entrances. 36 rectangular rooms and walls up to 2m tall have been uncovered.

The various findings show that the inhabitants were engaged in agriculture, fishing and farming, and but also tools for navigation were found. The fresh water was extracted from the nearby sources, in fact one is still having water (150m from the settlement).

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Type: Ancient Settlement
  • Peak Period: Minoan Era (3000 BC-1200 BC)
  • Accessibility: Walking


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