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Kounaviano Gorge
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Kounaviano canyon is the richest (in vegetation) gorge in the prefecture of Heraklion, a real oasis in the center of the province Pediada. The name comes from the village Kounavi. It is a tributary of the river Karteros and runs parallel to Astrakiano gorge, with which in merges at position Kaki Rachi by Skalani and then form the Gorge of Karteros.

It is part of the Eco Park of Youchtas and the whole area is included in the network of Natura habitats. The entrance is at the northernmost point of the fertile plain of Peza and it gathers its waters.

There are several springs, some of which have water all time. Course in the gorge is very easy. There are sycamores, plane trees, willows, oaks, and other trees. Inside the bed, at in three different places we meet abandoned watermills that were used for grinding grain. Hiking from Peza to Kaki Rachi takes about two hours of walking.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Type: Hiking gorge, Signed trail
  • Water: Water till spring
  • Length (km): 4
  • Altitude difference (m): 100
  • Difficulty (0-10): 1
  • Hiking Hours: 2
  • Accessibility: Dirt track


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