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Dia islet








Driving on dusty dirt roads across rocky pastures and hiking in the canyons usually end up in a refreshing swim at a splendid secluded beach. The hues of the sea play their color game with the stones and the sun. Some of the most popular beaches are Agiofarago, while there are still impressive beaches at Vathy, Trafoulas near Lendas, Aspes and Agios Nikitas. Those preferring to stay close to “civilization” can swim below the legendary caves of Listis by Kastri and the dunes of Komos by Matala. Οn the north coast, in the coves of Sarandaris at Hersonisos, Potamos by Malia, as well as on Dia island one comes across heavenly beaches, where the water is azure blue.

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Katarti beach

Katarti is a tiny beach that is formed in the exit of a small gorge, 73km south of Heraklion city, at the base of Oxa Cape. This secluded beach is located amidst the wild and majestic landscape of Asterousia Mountains, southwest of the summit of Kofinas.


Armenopetra beach

Armenopetra is located 73km southeast of Heraklion and 5km east of the seaside village of Keratokambos. The beach is situated south of town Kapsali and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region of Keratokambos. The area is quite dry, as it’s name implies (Kapsali means dry and arid).


Panagia bay, Dia

Panagia Bay is the most protected of all bays of Dia island. It is located 2km east of the port of St. George and is surrounded by high rocky hills, full with oregano and herbs. If you are lucky you will see hares jumping from the bushes.


Korakia beaches

The secluded gulf of Korakia is located 48km east of Rethymno and 39km west of Heraklion, near the village Sises and close to Fodele beach. There are three adjacent beaches, which are mainly sandy and large pebbles, open to northwest winds. The beaches are very secluded and almost unknown to everybody. Korakia is totally unorganized, thus you should have anything you need with you.


Faflagos beach

Faflagos is located 89km southeast of Iraklion, near the village Arvi. It is a small seaside settlement at the exit of a small valley, which is crossed by the river Blavaris or Blavopotamos, which has no water in summer and starts from Kato Symi. In front of the village, stretches a very long shore with beautiful and tranquil beaches. Nearby, there are many greenhouses with crops of bananas and fresh vegetables.


Stena beach

Stena is located 75km southwest of Heraklion, just 500m west of Kali Limenes harbor. It is situated in a secluded bay, which is hidden beyond the hill with the church and the cave of St. Paul. According to the legend, the Apostle lived inside this cave for 2 years. Stena can be accessed via a downhill dirt road, 400m long, starting in Kali Limenes. The route, of course, can be easily walked.


Tsigounas beach

West of Lendas you'll meet the small village of Tsigounas with the small beach of Limanaki (harbor) used as a local harbour, due to its protected orientation. Tsigounas name derives from the word tsigounis (stingy) referring to a local spring with a small quantity of water.


Tripiti beach, Ahlada

Tripiti is an untouched beautiful beach with pebbles and deep blue waters. It is surrounded by towering cliffs and on the east side there are some beautiful caves. The steep cliffs make it one of the most isolated beaches of Heraklion. There is no access by car, although you can still see the remains of the road that leaded to the beach until 1995. The road has been completely destroyed by floods and now there is not even a footpath.


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