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Stena beach
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Stena is located 75km southwest of Heraklion, just 500m west of Kali Limenes. It is situated in a secluded and enclosed bay, well hidden below the church and the cave of St. Paul. According to the scripts of Saint Paul, the Apostle lived inside this cave during his journey to Rome. Stena can be accessed via a downhill dirt road, 400m long from Kali Limenes. It is a beach that you will not find in any tourist guide of Crete, although it certainly deserves to be. What makes it stand out from the usual beaches is the huge rock, located amid the cove and surrounded by a narrow strip of water.

The name Stena means Strait and is taken after the narrow passage created between the rock and the coast. A beautiful beach with fine pebbles is formed along the strip of water. Stena is not very well known and is totally unorganized. Even so, it is so small that it seems crowded with just a few people. Stena is a very good choice if you come to Kali Limenes, especially when it is not too crowded (e.g. on weekends). Kali Limenes is located in walking distance, so you don’t have to worry about food, water and accommodation. If you come here, do not forget your mask, as the rocks are ideal for exploration!

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Additional Info

  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture, Central Crete, South Crete, Messara area (Kainourgiou)
  • Sea water color: Blue
  • Sand type: Fine Pebbles, Rocks in places
  • Depth: Normal
  • Sea surface: Usually calm
  • Crowds: Normal
  • Facilities: Accommodation options nearby, Food / water nearby
  • Other Information: Ideal for snorkeling / spearfishing
  • Accessibility: Dirt track

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