Windmills in Crete


Gazepis Windmill
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The mill of Gazepis near the village Nipiditos has been declared a protected monument by the Modern Monuments Service. Here, Mathios Apostolakis from Nipiditos who was called with the nickname Gazep (ie "reactionary"), in the 19th century built a windmill. Then he passed it to his son Michael and after World War II someone called Kaloudis inherited that.

Today the mill has been severely damaged as it was closed down by the mid-20th century when new technology displaced the traditional way of grinding grain. Today it is still considered a reference toponym for Cretans. The region today hosts an olive-kernel factory, the restarting of which has caused huge reactions by ecological bodies.

The windmill is located in one of the most central crossroads of the region, where most residents of Viannos, Arkalochori, Kastelli or Embaros passed. So it was a very good place for passers to rest, stay overnight at a small inn built by Gazepis, and grinding their grain.

During the German occupation, the mill continued to work. It also was the gathering point for the locals who were forced by the occupiers to take part in the construction of the airport at Kastelli.

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