Windmills in Crete


Gasi Windmill
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On top of a hill just above the village of Gasi, by Arkalochori, in the area called Mili (mills) we meet an impressive windmill. The location is the highest of the whole area and offers unique views to the villages of the plain of Arkalochori. The windmill of Gasi is the only one that has survived. The windmill is of the type of xetrocharis which is circular and is able to rotate according to the wind direction. This type of windmill was quite common in Heraklion, white at Lassithi we meet the oblong type of Xetroharis (stable mill, not rotating).

A few meters from the location of the mill we see foundations from older buildings, probably from ancient times. The point also has excellent visual contact with the top of the hill of Prophet Elias, the cave of which was an important place of worship in the Minoan era. The windmill is very easily accessed, as it is located just above the starting point of the main road connection Arkalochori with VIannos.

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