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Arkalohori is located 33km south of Heraklion city, near the center of Heraklion Prefecture, at an altitude of 400m. It is a small town, which is continuously growing and its inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture, commerce and the arts.

The bazaar held every Saturday in the village center has its roots in the Ottoman period. Also in the exhibition center Arkalochori hosts annually the largest Agriculture and Trade Exhibition in Crete.

The city is relatively new and therefore the houses are not built with traditional architecture, but it's worth visiting the surrounding old churches. The name Arkalochori means the village of badgers, as it is believed that these animals abounded in the area. However, the name Indeed, in recent years an attempt was made to change the name of the Arkalochori to the more "catchy" Arkapolis, but the movement failed.

The area has archaeological interest. A Minoan city and a small palace has been found in position Galatiani Kefala. Moreover, you could visit the small cave of Profitis Ilias, which was a place of worship in antiquity.

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Arkalohori Cave

The cave of Arkalochori, also known as Holy Cave, is situated at the South West side of Arkalochori village, specifically at the south west aisle of Profitis Ilias Church, 400m above sea level. A narrow entrance (0.70cm wide, 1.60cm tall) leads to the interior, where one cannot walk upright due to lack of space.


Livada Lake (Thrapsano)

The pond of Livada is located at the homonym position 1km north of the village Thrapsano and is one of the favorite places for locals to walk. The small lake covers only 21.000 sq.m., but is an important wetland, where more than 130 species of birds have been met.


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