The millers' village


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Near the villages of Episkopi and Mourtzana, in a lush green valley, we still see the ruins of the houses and the watermills of the village Mousses or Moussi. In this village we meet the five watermills that took advantage of the abundant water of the area for grinding grain of the surrounding villages. The mills operated till the 1950s, when the modern technology surpassed the traditional way of grinding. Thus, the millers who saw their job diminishing, had to leave this wonderful place and seek their future elsewhere.

The village houses were supplied with running water, which is very special for their time, while there was also a grocery store. In the center stands the well preserved church of the Holy Cross (TImios Stavros). The feast of the Holy Cross on September 14 is an excellent opportunity for locals to meet here. The temple is very old, as the entrance still preserves and inscription of 1843 for its renovation, thus it was already very old.

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